Products by HERR

The HERR product portfolio covers the entire demand for industrial extraction and filtration technology - from high-quality standard equipment to custom developments.

 To meet the various requirements, HERR manufactures a variety of filter systems for various applications:

Mechanical filtration systems - they are flexible and are capable of eliminating the most common smoke and dust. Customizations in various forms and stages of filtration are also possible.
The ePTFE membrane filter is the best solution for large amounts of dust.

These filters are very robust and have a very long service life. Cleaning is carried out by automatic nozzles,
controlled via the differential pressure measurement within filter housing.
High vacuum extraction systems in combination with suitable welding torches and small suction nozzles are a very good way to exhaust the welding smoke immediately at source.
Electrostatic filter systems are used in the filtration of oily smoke and dust. They can be combined with mechanical pre- and post-filtering.

A combination with an activated carbon filter to absorb unpleasant odors is possible.

With low and medium pressure systems you have the possibility to clean large volumes of air.
Interconnected filter systems achieve suction power up to 100.000 m³/h.
The central filter systems from HERR were developed for a variety of processes and conditions for the customer. The filters have an excellent spark protection as of standard. They are modular, so additional enlargements or retrofits are easy to implement.

We offer a complete range of products for your production. Accessories such as extraction arms, build-in-exhaust tables, grinding tables, extraction hoods and other professional equipment for dust collection are available from HERR upon request.

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