E-mobility: a future-oriented market

Keeping the air healthy in the workplace is a good thing. Being part of a manufacturing process for environmentally friendly driving tops it all. This summer we successfully installed high-quality fume extraction systems from HERR for the production of electric cars – one for the production of the new e.GO Life in Aachen and one for the new TESLA Model Y at the TELSA Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.

To become one of the most modern production lines, was the decisive requirement of the start-up founder and head of the board of directors of the new organisation Next.e.GO Mobile SE, Prof. Günther Schuh, for the production of the new e.GO Life electric car. The fume extraction system used was supposed to meet special criteria and we were able to offer these with the corresponding flexibility and quality.

Original equipment manufacturer for production line at Next.e.GO Mobile SE

Due to the flexible options of our extraction systems, for example, we implemented a PLC adaption that ultimately made us the preferred partner for Next.e.GO Mobile SE. It is a pleasure for us to have successfully completed this project as the original equipment manufacturer and to have equipped one of the most modern production lines with our extraction technology.

Supplier for TESLA

We are also proud to have the opportunity to equip the TESLA Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg, another production facility for electric cars, with a welding fume extraction system from HERR. So far, we have supplied all TESLA plants outside the USA with extraction systems and accessories. According to TESLA, the Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg is currently the world's most advanced series production facility for electric vehicles. There is also the origin of the new Model Y, which marks the beginning of a worldwide conception, development and production of future vehicle models in Germany.

Next.e.GO Mobile SE and TESLA trust in the know-how and technology of HERR. We are happy to share this knowledge also with production facilities of other e-mobility manufacturers.