Leasing for HERR extraction units now – and increase liquidity

A targeted investment in extraction technology is a must for manufacturing companies nowadays. Occupational safety and health regulations stipulate which technologies existing extraction systems must be upgraded with or which minimum requirements a new air purification system has to meet. Necessary investments can quickly skyrocket. At HERR, we now offer all of our extraction technology products for leasing or lease purchase. In cooperation with Würth Leasing there are now interesting offers for companies that guarantee maximum security and flexibility.

After facing many enormous challenges for more than a year now, manufacturing companies can literally take a deep breath: leasing extraction technology from HERR instead of buying eases the financial burden and at the same time ensures compliance with occupational safety regulations.  

Occupational safety – affordable for everyone

Because banks demand greater security when granting loans, planned capital investments have to be postponed in many areas. Depending on the existing extraction system and the inspection by the responsible authorities, this can result in penalties for companies, up to and including the shutdown of production. Efficient fume extraction is not an option for a manufacturing company, it is a must.

With our HERR leasing and lease-purchase offer, nobody has to be left behind because of a lack of liquidity when it comes to healthy workplaces and occupational safety. Credit limits do not have to be maxed out, liquidity is maintained, and a secure and manageable calculation basis is provided.

The leasing and lease-purchase offer from HERR enables to find the optimally suitable technology for occupational health and safety at all times. Our credo: Clean air must be a matter of course in every workplace!