Fans for central exhausting system

from 8.000 to 36.000 m³/h


  • central extraction of smoke and dust of all types, oil mist, car exhaust, and much more.


HFAN0800 8.000 m³/h 5,5 kW
HFAN1200 12.000 m³/h 7,5 kW
HFAN1800 18.000 m³/h 11 kW
HFAN2400 24.000 m³/h 15 kW
HFAN3000 30.000 m³/h 22 kW
HFAN3600 36.000 m³/h 30 kW


  • ease of use and maintenance
  • efficient operation
  • low investment costs

Fans for central exhausting system

The HFAN has a robust, welded and powder coated metal case. The impeller is designed for powerful, low-noise operation. It is extremely durable and is characterized by a very uniform, calm and thus quiet running characteristics.

The fan is suitable for the extraction of oil smoke, vehicle exhaust fumes, smoke and particles of all kinds.