Spiral tubes and mounting accessories

HERR delivers complete piping systems including mounting accessories for all extraction applications.
Our skilled technicians will be happy to help create an optimal piping plan and configure the workspaces. To have the best possible security against possible risks during planning.
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  • Piping / Layout
  • Assembly and installation
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Spiral galvanized tubes and mounting accessories

The selection and application of a concerted piping is an important key for properly functioning exhausting system.
For extraction of welding and cutting fumes with dry smoke, incl. Motor vehicle exhaust gases, galvanized spiral tubes (spiral ducting) are the best solution.
Smooth pipes with flanged connections are typically used for oil mist or fume with high oil content. Sand blasting, sanding and dust high in abrasion-strong particles require highly abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant pipes.
Suction with high vacuum require special high-pressure hoses, adapters and high-temperature resistant hoses.
HERR offers a comprehensive range, thus ensuring reliable, appropriate, easy-to-install suction systems.
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