High Vacuum exhaust system WOLF


  • Direct extraction of welding and grinding dusts
  • 2 connectors for suction hoses
  • mobile and versatile


  83030 83055
Filter efficiency ≥ 99,9% ≥ 99,9%
Motor, flow rate 3,0 kW, 450 m³/h 5,5 kW, 700 m³/h
Filter HISTec® cartridge filter HISTec® cartridge filter
Dimensions 700 x 700 x 1.840 mm 700 x 700 x 1.840 mm
Weight 274 kg 290 kg



  • complete machine incl. HISTec® cartridge filter
  • power cable

The HERR Wolf provides superior high vacuum and dust removal performance.
The Wolf creates a powerful suction from a high-pressure vacuum pump that can generate negative pressures up to 26,000 Pa. The system incorporates the high quality HISTec®ePTFE filter cartridges and the self cleaning capabilities of the HiRoto®H-type rotary back flush nozzle. It can easily handle the large workloads of up to three work stations. The HISTec®ePTFE filter cartridge filters up to 99.9% of particulate matter. A pressure sensor monitors when the filter requires automatic cleaning and activates the HiRoto® H-type nozzle to clean the filter in 360o. For the cleaning nozzle to function a source of 5bar, dry, clean compressed air must be supplied. Maintenance is as simple as cleaning out the dust box.

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Automatic filter cleaning by HiRoto® H-nozzle

The rotating HiRoto® H-nozzle ensures the automatic cleaning of the filter cartridge.
The HiRoto® H - nozzle is the perfect complement for the ePTFE coated HISTec® cartridge filters because it allows a gentle but complete cleaning of the cartridge. In case the filter is dirty, the system starts the cleaning process automatically. According to our experience the filter exchange is needed only after 3 - 5 years! 

ePTFE coating of the filter cartridges

According to the test data of the German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health IFA the collected dust particles have a diameter between 0.1 - 1,0μm.
More than 90% of the dusts having a diameter of less than 0.4 microns. This particles may access the lungs directly through the alveoli, penetrate into the bloodstream and cause several diseases.
Welding and cutting dusts therefore represent a major health risk. With ordinary filter material particles are filtered less than 0.4 microns inadequately. More than 90% of the particles can exert their harmful effects despite filtration. HISTec® ePTFE cartridge filter will help to prevent your workers effectively!

HISTec® filter cartridge

The filter material of the ePTFE coated HERR filter cartridge is folded like the bellows of an accordion. The distance between the folds is consistent and is fixed by gluing of the filter in the bottom and lid. The folding angle of filter cartridge is less than 2 °, thus provids an optimum of filter surface with high efficiency airflow. 

Certification by IFA

The German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA) confirmed that the HISTec® ePTFE coated cartridge filter, filter welding and cutting particles of size 0.1 microns.

The filter efficiency is up to 99.9%.